And our new album is born!

We are so excited to announce the making of our newest recorded music project, Quenara. The release date is set for 1-19-24. Here's the scoop on how it was put together. The piano (Steinway M) was recorded in our own studio (The Studio at Upsal) along with scratch vocals. Those files were sent to California where Adriana did new vocals at Bill Hare’s studio (Bill is a Grammy award winning producer) The fancy gear used at that studio: 1970 Neumann U87 w 1985 Klaus Hey Modification through Millennia STT-1 Channel Strip. Bill Hare mixed and mastered the project, Jacob Samargia painted the album cover and took promo photos, Robert designed the entire jacket and Dave Keller created both music videos (Altar Ego & Can’t Get Over You). Hope you take a listen and enjoy!

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