Failed attempt at serious liner notes

We enlisted the services of a truly accomplished (and rather esteemed) writer for our Quenara liner notes. But upon their return, realized that we are a little bored of reading about ourselves, and if WE are bored, then you must really be, so Robert took the initiative to fashion an alternative set. We like it a lot.

Quenara Liner Notes:

Some Quenara Q & A's

Q. What makes this album different than others out there?
A. We use many notes that previously have not been heard by the human ear.

Q. How did you decide on these tunes?
A. If you assign numbers to all the letters in all the song titles, it comes out to 658, and that was important to us.

Q. What is the meaning of “Quenara”?
A. It’s the Quenaranese word for “Quenara”.

Q. How would you characterize the music on this album?
A. It has a lot of different pitches situated with various rhythms. We like it a lot.

Q. Would you say this album is mostly jazz, pop, or classical?
A. Yes.

Q. What food best describes this album?
A. Frozen vegetables. We like it a lot.

Q. As the creators of Quenara, how do you feel about the project?
A. We like it a lot.

Q. How has this CD been received so far?
A. Dogs seem to bark a lot when they hear it. The frequencies are between 23-54 kHz. We don’t think they like it. But we like it a lot.


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