We met the one and only George Graham!

Homegrown Music with George Graham presents a wide range of rock, folk, bluegrass, jazz, blues, reggae, World Music and fusion. We were BLOWN AWAY by the invite to be on his show at WVIA, then even more impressed after meeting George and witnessing his talents as a producer, audio engineer, radio host and overall brilliant man with endless music knowledge. He's the kind of human that immediately leaves you feeling better than you did before meeting. Side note: It also turns out that George is dear friends with Adriana’s college friend, the excessively brilliantly talented (and rather famous!) musician Marko Marcinko who (we had no idea) also lives in PA! It was the perfect opportunity to reconnect. Our gratitude is overflowing! Stay tuned for a time/date for the on air date of our Homegrown Music show.

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