Piano Shopping!

Record producer Bill Hare performed ACTUAL MIRACLES on our last album to make the piano sound full bodied and rich, but after that experience we realized an upgrade from our Steinway M, to something a little more studio-appropriate was much needed. In response, we have begun the long (yet fun!) journey to finding a new instrument. Here are a few stories shared with us at piano the piano factories we visited in NYC yesterday.

The keyboard photo above is of the right end of a 200 year old piano with 85 instead of 88 keys. If you are a pianist, looking at this will likely make your eyes cross!

Lots of people buy a huge piano, then move to a different house/apartment and realize the piano doesn't fit, then pay to put it in expensive storage for 10-20 years!

When Martin Scorsese asks for a piano for a movie set it has to be slightly older than the year they are supposed to be in for the movie. So if the movie takes place in 1974 he cannot have a piano from 1975, even if only one piano leg is in the film. He's that much of a perfectionist!

When a piano cannot fit on it's side into an elevator, they sometimes stop the elevator on one floor lower than where the piano is entering, then push it ON TOP OF the elevator, then bring it up that way! CRAZY! Watching this would cause immediate grey hairs to spout up, no thank you!

When the pedals of the piano at Trump Plaza fell completely off it didn't matter to the management - as long as the keys sort of made sound it was "fine." Let that be a lesson to us!


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